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Our clients and their stories are our favorite part of our job. We appreciate their confidence in us and their satisfaction with our service. 




"California Inheritance Group redefines how companies should reach out and treat their customers. Professionalism, great communication, and progress updates are a few descriptive words that define how Alison Wentzel works. She was brilliant in hunting down and retrieving lost property for me. I cannot say enough good things about Alison and her company!"

John Schacher

"Dear Alison and Colleagues, thank you for your efforts and for your prompt response to my inquiries during that time. I appreciate you finding me and informing me about the accounts of which I had no previous knowledge. Best wishes to you all from a grateful client."

Sincerely, P. Waddell

"Ms. Wentzel, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff in the recent recovery procedure for my Dad's insurance policy. I would especially like to address my thanks to Peter for his most courteous and knowledgeable assistance. Your company has been most helpful in bringing this recovery to closure." 

Sincerely, P. Fineash


"We initiated a claim for a family inheritance through California Inheritance Group. This Company provided excellent service and went the extra mile on our behalf, even when the claim got sidetracked due to a legal loophole. California Inheritance Group continued to give us guidance and help, even after they learned that they would not be able to collect a fee for their efforts. We are grateful to them for sharing their knowledge of the California inheritance process, and for their honest business practices in a challenging claim."

Review By: B. O'Grince


"I never would have known about this money without you. You were extremely kind, helpful and professional. I really appreciated your help."

K. Webb

"I am very pleased with your service – especially that you were able to resolve two estate matters quickly and efficiently."

S. Lyons

"Thank you so much for the work you have done to achieve the ‘gift’ which Aunt Mildred had planned for her 'only' nephews! We appreciate your assistance and giving us time to chat with you. Should you have a travel to Canada – please do drop in when you are visiting our Capital of Ottawa."


"Dear Alison, the check arrived yesterday. I just wanted to take a few minutes to express how much we appreciated everything you have done for us. I know our case was more difficult for you compared to most yet you persevered and stayed true to your word. When I first saw your notice you sent me in the mail regarding the unclaimed inheritance I almost tossed it out as junk mail or a scam. I am so happy I opened your letter and gave you a call. I am sure my brother would be happy to know that his niece and nephew will have a little extra help on their path to adulthood."

Thank You, The Cox Family

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