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I got a letter in the mail from California Inheritance Group – why?
We are a company which specializes in finding the owners or heirs of lost or forgotten accounts. We have located some assets we believe you may be entitled to, and we mailed you a letter to notify you and offer our asset recovery services.

How did you find me? 
Our business is a licensed Private Investigative Agency. Our team of investigators, led by Alison Wentzel, use state-of-the-art databases and other investigative resources to assist us in locating owners and potential heirs. 


Why wasn't I told about this asset earlier? 
The company holding the asset or assets is required to notify the owners or heirs. However, sometimes due to changing addresses or unexpected events, the notifications do not reach their intended individual. The company holding the assets may eventually declare such assets as abandoned. Additionally, some heirs are unaware that they are entitled to funds belonging to their relative when the owner passed away. 


How much will it cost me? 
For our services in locating and recovering the asset or assets, California Inheritance Group asks 10% of whatever we recover. We are paid by the holder of the funds and are only paid if and when you are. When possible, we will order any necessary court documents or certificates you cannot provide – at our expense. The only other cost to you is a small notary fee at a notary public of your choice (which costs around $10 typically). The remaining 90% to which you are entitled goes directly to you. 


How long will it take to receive my money? 
We hand-deliver all claim materials as soon as your claim is ready. For cash assets, you will typically receive your money in 180 days. For stock assets, it may take longer. Some claims can be expedited – please contact our office for details on how to qualify.


If I sign the contract, what happens next? 
When you return the contract to California Inheritance Group, our team immediately begins to work on your claim. We will take a look at your specific situation and determine exactly what pieces of documentation we will need to provide in order to ensure you are paid as quickly and smoothly as possible. We then mail you a customized claim packet outlining our next steps. We are here to assist you every step of the way – our team of dedicated experts will give you the personalized attention you deserve as our client to make sure you are comfortable and confident throughout the process.


I'm a little nervous about this whole thing. 
At California Inheritance Group, we understand that receiving a letter like this out of the blue can seem strange. We are proud of our A+ rating from the consumer Better Business Bureau and encourage you to contact them to ask about our company. Our company is a licensed Private Investigative Agency and our investigators have recovered over $100 million for our clients over the past 20 years. Our team wants you to feel comfortable, confident, and secure with the process before you sign the contract and are happy to speak with you anytime. 


Why should I choose California Inheritance Group? 
We are the top asset recovery specialists in the State of California. We are experts in submitting successful claims in all kinds of cases, including difficult death claims. Our attention to detail and efficient precision ensure that your claim is submitted correctly the first time, eliminating the risk of a denied claim due to error. Through the claim process, we check for the existence of any additional assets belonging to you and claim those as well, saving you time and returning more money to you. Additionally, our company is dedicated to giving each client personalized attention throughout the claim process – you can always reach one of our team members by phone or email. For our team at California Inheritance Group, we enjoy getting to know each client and learning their story – and we look forward to hearing yours!

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